Community Organizations Sound the Alarm about Texas Sheriffs Jumping on the Anti-Immigrant Bandwagon, Expanding 287g Deportation Program

For Immediate Release
December 15, 2017


“Sheriffs need to know, 287g is a vehicle for mass deportation, it is part of a vile agenda today, and we will call out their complicity”  

Forth Worth & Corpus Christi, Texas – Immigrant and civil rights groups are sounding the alarm about the Trump administration’s deputizing of sheriffs to expand immigration enforcement in Texas.  With two-dozen 287g agreements (18 signed, 7 pending) between Texas sheriffs and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Texas has far surpassed any other state in the number of counties complicit in the controversial jail-deportation program.

“Sheriffs needs to know, 287g is a vehicle for mass deportation, it is part of a vile agenda today, and we will call out their complicity,” says Daniel Garcia Rodriguez of United Fort Worth.  The organization based in Tarrant County is among dozens of community groups mobilizing to reject the anti-immigrant offensive.

Under the program, U.S. ICE can deputize local officials to carry out immigration enforcement.  In tandem with state law “SB4,” the expansion of 287g poses an unprecedented multiplier of ICE personnel to target, harass, and round-up immigrants and persons of color.  Given its well-known use by Arizona’s “honorary KKK” Sheriff Joe Arpaio, 287g also signals a dangerous conflation of local and federal authority.

“There is a reason why we call 287(g) Trump’s favorite deportation program.  It’s the most blatantly racist vehicle for extremists to target our families and our neighbors,” said Eduardo Canales of the Corpus Christi Immigration Coalition.  On Monday morning, the Coalition, along with local celebrity, Santa Claus, will deliver hundreds of petitions to Nueces Sheriff Jim Kaelin and county commissioners denouncing their support for state law SB4 and 287(g).


For more information, contact:
Corpus Christi/Nueces County: Claudia Rueda,
Fort Worth/Tarrant County: Daniel Garcia Rodriguez,
Background/general information: SG Sarmiento,

In July, Trump’s Department of Justice – along with Texas sheriffs – announced an unprecedented 18 new sheriffs had been “deputized” (under 287(g) of the INA) to carry out Trump and ICE’s anti-immigrant agenda in Texas.  On November 14, an additional 7 counties in Texas, were vetted by the Department of Homeland Security to join the controversial deportation program, but are not yet signed.

For recent news about 287g and a map of Texas agreements:


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