Reject Trump’s Favorite Deportation Program, End 287G!

Reject Trump's Favorite Deportation Program

The hate agenda behind SB4 continues to advance.  Local police and sheriffs are increasingly complicit in targeting, profiling, and arresting our immigrant and Latino neighbors on behalf of Trump and Texas officials’ anti-immigrant agenda One particular program stands out as a dangerous complement to SB4, emboldening extremists, the 287G deportation program made known by “honorary KKK” Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona.

Ultimately, it’s up to localities whether they will comply with this hate agenda.  Check out the information below and join the fight against the hate.

What is 287g?

Among the most controversial programs being advanced by Trump and Texas officials is the program made infamous by “honorary KKK” Sheriff Joe Arapio from Maricopa County, AZ: the controversial 287G.  287(g) is a section of federal immigration law that allows the federal government to enter into agreements with local law enforcement (such as police or sheriffs departments), “deputizing” them to take on immigration enforcement.  These agreements dangerously open the door for local police and sheriffs to assume functions reserved for the federal government, and have proven to increase racist profiling and illegal arrests.  Back in Arizona, proponents of 287G would tell sheriffs, “If you don’t have enough evidence to charge someone criminally but you think he’s illegal, we can make him disappear.”

For good reason, these controversial agreements were scaled back significantly over the years.  But today, the Trump Administration has made clear that he sees these agreements as an ideal vehicle to advance an openly anti-immigrant agenda.  Today, 287G localities are doing the dirty work for Trump’s immigration police, aka ICE.

#Basta287G: ICE out of local jails!

In Texas, we are facing an unprecedented two dozen new 287G agreements between ICE and Texas sheriffs, far more than any other state.  That means all of these sheriffs have been deputized to do Trump’s anti-immigrant dirty work — harass immigrants and people of color, and expand the reach of Trump’s immigration police (ICE).  But our communities have the power to say otherwise.  Below are resources (a map, tools, and background info) to get you started.  

(Note:  The map below includes the 18 new agreements announced in the Summer of 2017 and the 7 new agreements in the pipeline.  All of these new agreements are in addition to the widespread crisis of racist profiling, warrantless arrests, and sharing of Texas residents’ personal information that local law enforcement already provide to ICE in every jurisdiction in Texas!)

Mapping 287G in Texas

Resources: Tools to take on 287G!

Despite the outlandish anti-immigrant rhetoric, communities in Texas have the power to reject Trump’s deportation agenda.  Starting with the racist 287G agreements is a good first step.  These agreements are just that, agreements between two parties, and can be terminated by either side at any time.  And there is nothing that Pres. Trump, Gov. Abbott, Ken Paxton, or Jeff Sessions can say to change that.  Localities can and should take action.  And for localities that don’t have a 287G agreement, warrantless detentions and racist profiling are just as bad when left unchecked.  It’s time to make clear, our communities will have no part in an anti-immigrant, racist agenda.

  1. TAKE ACTION:  Check out past efforts led by grassroots organizations, like United Fort Worth‘s #AltoTarrant Community Forum, and Carrollton Community Movement‘s #ICEoutofCarrollton campaign that successful did #end287G in their city!  If you are located in one of the 287G localities or nearby, gives us a heads up and make something happen!  Here.
  2. QUICK FACTSHEET:  Brush up on the basics about 287G to share with your community and allies with this quick 1-pager from Voces de la Frontera who have successfully fought off their own sheriffs repeated efforts to join 287G.  Here.
  3. 287G AGREEMENTS:  Check out our map below (coming soon) to see the current state of 287G expansion in Texas, and see the entire national list of 287G agreements in every state.  Here.
  4. ACLU UPDATES:  The ACLU strongly opposes 287G and hosts a page with legal background.  Brush up on more background information about 287G.  Here.   
  5. IMPORTANT STUDIES:  There are various research studies that expose the outlandish arguments used by anti-immigrant groups and make clear the impact that pol-ICE policies have on public safety and on our communities.  Just to mention two, check out Insecure Communities: Latino Perceptions of Police Involvement in Immigration Enforcement [May 2013] and the Effects of Sanctuary Policies on Crime and the Economy [January 2017]

287G in the news

  • Dozens of police departments are seeking expanded powers to check people’s immigration status [November 27, 2017, ThinkProgress]
  • Police in Trump-supporting towns aid immigration officials in crackdown [November 27, 2017, Reuters]
  • Trump plans massive increase in federal immigration jails [October 2017, USA Today]
  • Carrollton drops controversial ICE-police partnership [September 2017, Dallas News]
  • ICE is partnering with 18 more sheriff’s departments to ramp up its deportation machine [August 2017, Business Insider]
  • ACLU Warns 13 Texas Counties of Perils of 287G Agreements [April 2017, ACLU Release]
  • Youth & Allies celebrate end of 287G in Harris County [February 2017, UWD Release]
  • Immigrants Serenade Outside Fed Detention Facility in Houston, Demand ICE Out of Harris County [June 2015, NDLON Release]
  • LA County Ends Contract With ICE, Then OK’s Future Collaboration [May 2015, LA Times]

Background: Antecedents in the fights to #End287G

  • Day Laborers Call for Passage of Reps. Polis-Chu’s “No More Arpaios” Amendment to Defund Failed 287G Program [June 2013, NDLON Release]
  • Infamous AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio claims it was 287G that trained him to use race as a factor [May 2013, Fronteras Desk]
  • Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus & Progressive Caucus call upon Homeland Security to “finally end the ill-conceived, discriminatory 287G program” [December 2012, read the letter here]
  • Activists on DHS’ 287G Program:  End It, Don’t Mend It [April 2010, Uprising Radio]
  • 500 Organizations Call on DHS to End 287G [August 2009, read the letter here]

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