As Federal Court Blocks Racial Profiling SB4, Texas Communities Double-Down Against Hate

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As Federal Court Blocks Racial Profiling SB4, Texas Communities Double-Down Against Hate

“We have a long road ahead, but we are ready to fight…”

Across Texas—In response to a federal court’s injunction blocking a Texas state law that promoted racial profiling and unlawful arrests of immigrants (SB4), grassroots organizations joining forces at #BastaTexas doubled-down against the politics of hate, and shared the following statements:

“In the mist of the storm we have some very welcome news for our community. People have enough to worry about at the moment without having to worry about the SB4 cloud looming over them. We know that we have a long road ahead but are ready to fight!” – Cesar Espinosa, FIEL (Houston)

“This is just one victory in this long struggle, but it will serve to give us oxygen to continue the struggle to victory.” – Comite TPS (Dallas)

“The law will not go into effect on Sept. 1, but the fight is not over yet. There is no doubt the State of Texas will appeal the ruling, and we will take this case as far as necessary to strike down the law. For now, today’s ruling allows us to focus on pushing good policies at the local level that get police out of deportations and build trust between communities and law enforcement.” Juanita Valdez-Cox, LUPE (Rio Grand Valley)

“Blocking SB4 was necessary, and we especially notice that need in times like this. We can’t have immigrant workers, the folks whose work we so urgently need for recovering our city and our state, be terrified of law enforcement.” – Marianela Acuña Arreaza, Fe Y Justicia Worker Center (Houston)

“SB4 was partially blocked, not completely. The struggle continues until we stop every racist law in the country, including 287g, and until we defend DACA and TPS, and demand equality for the entire immigrant family.” – Carrollton community Coalition (Carrollton)

“This is a huge victory for our community, but it is only the first step of many. The temporary block of SB4’s most egregious provisions was only made possible because ordinary people organized to show our strength.”

“This is a moment to celebrate, but it is not a moment to stand down. Quite the opposite – if we expect this ruling to become permanent, to result in a permanent stay on implementation, we must continue to demonstrate our power publicly. This weekend, on Friday and Saturday, we must stand together and celebrate this moment for our movement, while keeping our gaze steadily on the future of this fight to ensure that no part of SB4 will ever see implementation.” – Candace Vallejo, Youth Rise (Austin)

“Let’s continue to struggle, until there are not even rumors of discriminatory laws againast anyone. This is the beginning of what we can do if we confront today’s challenges together.” – Coalition of Community Leaders of the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth)

“The fight against anti-immigrant racism and anti-worker laws like SB4 isn’t over. While we celebrate this temporary victory, the court ruling only shows why it is important to keep organizing against the white supremacy behind these attacks on communities of color and working people. When we fight back we win! All out against racism September 1st and 2nd!” – UT Austin graduate students fighting against SB4 (Austin)

“Today, we are reminded of the power of our immigrant community and celebrate the injunction. But the fight does not end. Our undocumented community is still not protected. We are still the target of raids, detentions, mass deportation, racial profiling, and workplace exploitation. This country depends on us and we must continue to fight for permanent protection, dignity and respect.” – Brenda Valladares, Cosecha (San Antonio)

“This is, in a sense, a re-launching of a great campaign, where we must work together, to continue to stop the advancing attacks that seek to strip immigrants of their rights. It is a small, and big victory, against hate, against the institutionalization of racism, of profiting on suffering, sweat and pain of the community. It’s also a call to action to see the impact that our organizing can do. Don’t mess with migrant rights in Texas.” – En Pie de Lucha Performance (Dallas)


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